Stanley Thomas Betterton - Photographer (1913-1987)
Chunking Junk on the Yangste (china047)
Kutkai, Burma (china000.jpg)
Hwa Shi (china053)
"Lady Precious Stream"(china048)
South Bank, Chunking River (china046)
china 045.jpg
Between Yen Ma Chien and Pichieh - Convoy of petrol Chevrolets / lone charcoal truck going other way
Market at Maitan, Kweichow (china038)
Gates to keep out evil spirits (china037)
Tzechou - 2380m asl - Kunming 339km, Lushien Road (china036)
He Shi Tou (china035)
Being watched whilst eating at a village "fandien" (china034)
Old man with fly whisk (china044)
Threshing grain (china043)
Yenfang (china042)
Lushien Road, Kunming (china041)
china 028.jpg
Yunnan peasants at Chi Gwo, Lushien Road (china029)
Climb out of Tungtse, Kweiyang, Chungking  (china032)
Stan chocking the rear wheel while the charcoal powered engine develops enough power for the next 40
Kweiyang scene with river and weeping willow (china026)
En Route (china024)
Kutsing (china023)
Mr Fox and 21 (china022)
Tsunyi, Kweichow (china021)
Traditional saw (china020)
Sept 1945, Lushien Garage, ex Kweiyang garage lads (china019)
Huang Tu P'o, Kweiyang, laundry at riverside (china 018.jpg
From Huang Tu P'o, Kweiyang (china017)
Stonemason, Kweiyang (china016)
Stinking Brook, Kweiyang (china015)
"Stamp" Smith, Postmaster, Kunming 1941 (china008)
To Tu Yin Kwan (china010)
Kweiyang Garage, November 1944 (china011)
To the Kweiyang Garage (china012)
Cotton spinning, Tsunyi, Kweichow (china013)
Street scene, Kweiyang (china014)
Kunming Post Office, "Stamp" Smiths' yard, Kunming December 1941 (china009)
Handheld scales, baggy trousers and bamboo smoking pipe (china006)
Town Gateway, possibly Paoshan (china005)
Hill Folk, Yunnan (china004)
Mountain Road with Mule Train (china003)
Salween Gorge, Yunnan Province, The Burma Road crosses the river (china002)
Lashio, Northern Burma 1941 - Hwa Ann Hotel (china001)